January Makeup Discoveries

This post is sort of a little late, as all of these products were ones that I got for Christmas.  However 1) life sort of got in the way with coming back down to the south and starting back t work and 2) I actually wanted to ‘wear them in’ a little as it were before I review them  – that way my review is more honest, having been given a better amount of time to use and work with the products!

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There is a Life After University!

Hi everyone!

I’m back and there’s some big changes in my life!  In this post I’m going to try and explain my absence on here and guide you through some of the new things I have going on! When I first started my blog, the intention was for it to be a beauty-based blog, and I’m aware that there have been more lifestyle posts than anything else recently.  I plan to dedicate more time to the original purpose of my blog, but first there are a few things I would like to write before I return to more beauty-related posts!

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Catch Up

I’M BACK!!!!

So sorry for abandoning all my readers for a whole month but this last month has been much busier than I expected!!  Of course, I should have known that in the final month ever of my entire degree I probably wouldn’t have the time to be blogging and have prepared for that.  My bad, lesson learned!

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Arts in Schools

I’ve been reading a lot recently on social media about arts funding cuts in schools, reports of curriculum arts being removed completely from schools, students being told they’re not allowed to take music and drama as GCSE options because they’re “not real subjects”.  This strikes a nerve with me.


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